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Raisins are produced by modern technology of drying selected berries of high quality grapes. Raisins are the essential ingredient of many Bundt cakes, pies, and fruit salads.
Genuine rice pudding is inconceivable without raisins. Raisins are useful for treating intestine and kidney disorders, as well as bladder illnesses. They are also are good for body detoxification and treating gallbladder disease. Raisins keep your teeth healthy as well! Even though it has been thought that sweet and sticky food, like raisins, causes tooth decay, recent research has proven otherwise.
It has been proven that substances from raisins suppress growth of bacterium responsible for dental cavity and gum disease, primarily because they are highly rich in fructose and glucose, but not in sucrose, which is the main cause of oral diseases and dental cavity.



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Nowadays, In Sistem operates in the territory of Serbia and its neighboring countries.

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